Using Childhood Memories

Have we lost touch with our emotions? Our most powerful emotions are usually influenced by deeply childhood experiences and memories.

David Saldoff of ‘One of Studios’ recalled his fun childhood experience when as a kid, picking fresh fruit from his parent’s apple tree and created a special apple holder called “Newton”. The designer became a founder of ‘One of Studios’ after completing a degree in both Graphic design at American University and Industrial design at University of Cincinnati. According to David, his ultimate goal is “to deliver small run or limited edition design pieces to the public” and he has developed a number of designs. “Newton” is one of his designs that reflect his philosophy, humour or metaphor .


The design is a simple metal bracket that screws directly into the wall and dangles a fresh apple to be plucked when the moment is right. “Newton” recreates the nostalgic apple-picking experience. So, the experience tickles our sense of emotion and at the same time the design is fulfilling its functional criteria as an apple storing mechanism.

Swing table, designed by ‘Duffy London’ a UK Furniture design company will also bring our childhood’s playground into the boardroom and dining room. The creative design was inspired by a George Bernard Shaw quote: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing,” This design certainly brings out the kid in all of us. With the Swing table, corporate meetings or dinners will become a fun and inspiring experience and boring meetings and meal times will be ended.


Duffy London’s another furniture design, Flying Carpet Coffee Table was inspired by Alddin’s story and his magic carpet. With the Flying Carpet Coffee Table printed with a pixelated Persian rug design in a variety of colours, we may be able to imagine that the table will transport us to a magical place . The designer explains: “The illusion is created by mounting the steel rug on a hidden 5cm-wide cantilever at the centre of the table. A shadow base makes it appear as though it is floating. It also has a wave-like surface to add to the illusion of a magic carpet moving in its stationary position.



Dane Saunders a Vancouver-based furniture designer also created a simple and poetic coffee table “The Beneath the Surface”. The design was inspired by the designer’s childhood. Before Dane attended the University of Alberta to study industrial design, he grew up in a farm family near. Edmonton. The abstracted shapes of seed pods cut through the wooden uprights of the table. The design allows us “to appreciate both the hard maple shell and the soft inner mahogany” and the organic shape attempts “to both emphasize the beauty of the raw material, and be a symbol of growth”.


Designs like Saldoff’s Newton, Duffy’s Swing table and Flying carpet coffee table and Saunders’ Beneath the Surface are not only functional but also will take us to our childhood’s imagination while many of us lose touch with our emotions as we grow up.