The song of silence

Poetic design, in addition to the design inspiration of puns, product aesthetic and practical combination of expression methods, there are full of philosophical and spiritual source. The subtle influence of using some natural elements of the audience, such as wind blowing across the forest, can let a person naturally associated with the comfortable, quiet, green and fresh air; Then the golden wheat fields, for example, can let a person associate to harvest, abundance and joy; The child’s smile can make people associated with innocence, purity, and goodness. These associations are of race and region, as long as is the human will have such commonality. This is the general public aesthetics.

In my review of the objects content has two designers took a similar design style; they are Tom Gerhardt and Kauro Mende. Stone Mouse which creation by Tom Gerhardt. Tom Gerhardt is particularly obvious was a versatile artist; he is not only a designer, but also a computer developer. As the designer of the hardware and software, he helped many prestigious museum and retail spaces to create interactive system installation. As an artist, Tom Gerhardt tried to reconcile the modern people in the real world and the gap between the digital worlds. To make people feel like playing in the mud easily control the computer. Most recently, Tom and his design partner Dan Provost created the GLIF: one of the world’s first crowd-funded commercial products and subsequently founded Studio Neat, a design practice dedicated to making things simple and making simple things.

In the author’s point of view, Stone, the Mouse will rhythm and rhyme solidification on the hard pebbles. Regular when using the mouse or messy rap as long a short poem, slowly become an essay, or a picture, or a song. But the appearance of the mouse is a rock cold silence, instead, let a person feel solid, reliable, simple and serious. Tom Gerhardt would own the Mouse design became a rock, and named Stone Mouse. This work is mainly composed of a swap sensor base and a piece of ordinary pebbles, any pebbles on the base of the mouse can form a stone. Stone Mouse is Tom Gerhardt’s famous design. Any a stone on the converter can form a fully functional standard mouse. This design challenges the current popular concept of sterile and mass production of the same general digital products, to replace the ubiquitous mouse appearance.


Tom Gerhardt had some other amazing works, such as Mud Tub, Firelight, Morgen and Tresling. Some of these works are Tom design of articles for daily use as artists; some are quite interesting interaction experiment. Among them, the typical interaction experiment is Mud Tub and Tresling, their core idea is to let a person through the study of the change of real world exist to operate the computer. A person in Mud Tub is by playing in wet Mud to control computer, Tresling is cooperated with computer technology to make people playing tetris through the video. These experiments is full of Children’s interest, let people unknowingly extends body movements to the computer and other interface. Morgen is Tom designed one can interact with social software connected device, convenient for people to leave the network after can still like online information with family and friends.


                                                                 Morgen created by Tom Gerhardt


                                                                 Tresling created by Tom Gerhardt


                                                                   Morgen created by Tom Gerhardt

Firelight is a lighting system, Tom, designed the system with the help of switches “fireplace” often makes people think of the warm fire in the home, with the aid of computer, Tom make stable electronic lights flicker under the control of the match performance out the candle and the variation of light and shade in the wood burning.


                                                                 Firelight created by Tom Gerhardt
Tom’s Stone Mouse is similar with Kauro Mende’s design, Anniversary of Matches. In terms of the author’s point of view, the design of ordinary matches made strange feeling. Originally as a match stick has been replaced by a small branch, seemingly vibrant woods, it is going to be burned, this sense of life and death of contradiction on this design to extrapolate. Simple matchstick branches and stones of the mouse, the appearance of simple leaves people endless imagination, always feel that they have any special meaning hidden under the silent and shabby appearance, let a person always not forget for a moment.


                                                       Anniversary Matches created by Kauro Mende

Anniversary Matches is Kauro Mende for 2000: the daily products exhibition design of the 21st century. He is relying on the concept of the dry branches and a match between the collocations to express “dust to dusts, dirt to dirts. Design requirements for the audience to think, the relationship between human and fire in an open space for thinking across tens of thousands of years, our ancestors in the primitive times of the intimate contact with fire, by wisdom, he mastered the fire. Look at this design, the shape of the branches, although messy but still beautiful. Kauro Mende design the purpose of this work is to awaken the existence of the personal feeling. Nature, fire and human relationship with the development of history stretches all the way up to today.


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