Light Up Your Own Lighting

Who recognises and appreciates the actual fire that used to bring us warmth and light into our life from the darkness that once surrounded us. Moast people have forgotten to appreciate the actual fire since electricity has appeared into our life and aggressively superseded it.

Scott Amron was born in America in 1980. He is well-known conceptual artist and an electrical engineer. Amron studied electrical and mechanical engineering in America and in Europe. Notably, he established Amron Experimental which is a one man design firm. Amron also works for numerous companies and has also won high achieving awards for his creative ideas.

Die Electric” is a series of design objects that created by Amron in 2007. Interestingly, he tried to create this design series without using any electricity which explains the name of the work. This clever design captures his ethics and values centering his view on sustainability. He tries to express his thoughts about the overuse of electricity through his designs to raise awareness of contemporary, first world society’s high consumption on energy.

Featured image
Candull by Scott Amron

Candull”, an aspect of “Die Electric” which it is just like an ordinary desk lamp, but interestingly, Amron replaced the light bulb with a candle. Surprisingly, the candle comes with a screw-in just like a light bulb and can be replaced the exact same way as a light bulb. This design is thought provoking and reminds us of the past and the importance of actual fire which is considered as one of the most important elements for mankind. Everybody uses and depends on electricity but not many really appreciate it because it is so common within a first world setting. But to use Candull, people have to physically light up the candle with actual fire making tools such as matches instead of simply flicking a switch on. Therefore, it is more engaging, interactive and nostalgic with the users and also highlight the importance of the electricity and fire all at once, provoking thought about old and new lighting techniques.

However Candull doesn’t have the best design for its functionality since it’s not convenient as we have to manually light up the candle and also the brightness can’t be adjusted as a single candle has a fixed light amount. There are mainly two different points of views on Candull. Firstly, the elder generation who connect with the design emotionally and poetically as the Candull will light up their rooms and bring back or trigger nostalgic memories of pre-electricity. The older generations used to read books in a darkroom by the candle light, which gave them light and warmth. Secondly, the younger generations. The design may seem zany and useless since they don’t have such experiences like the elders but it would teach them the importance of electricity and also the quality of life compared to the past.

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Gun Lamp by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck also designed a series of lamps called “Gun Lamp”. The Gun lamps are intended to symbolise the violence that exists in present society and is exacerbated by aggressive consumerism and a commodity-driven culture. The visual form of design is different from Candull but both designs leave a meaningful message with its concept on the user.

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Plugged by Scott Amron

Another design named “Plugged” is cleverly designed to give thoughtful messages to people on global warming which is also caused by the overuse of electricity. Amron simply covered the socket with a bottle cork, which makes the socket completely nonfunctional and useless. The design is almost telling us not to use the electricity from the socket and purposely blocks the socket to reduce any use of electricity. This notion of design could possibly raise awareness of saving electricity for many households, making electricity a redundant concept.


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Rinser Toothbrush by Scott Amron

Rinser Toothbrush” is one of the best designs that Amron has produced. The International Design Magazine nominated , as the best concept of the year in 2007. The visual form of this toothbrush is almost the same as most of the other toothbrushes, yet it is very unique. As you may have guessed by its name, it has one additional function to rinse your mouth as you are drinking water from a water fountain. Some people find it annoying to fill up a cup or use hands to rinse their mouth after brushing but this design has 1+1 functionality, a toothbrush and a cup together, which is entertaining as well as practical. You can also replace the bristle section, which can be cost effective in the long run and sustainable on the environment.

The “Die Electic” design series can be considered as a thoughtful, emotive and ethical lien of work for many others because of its meaningfulness. Not only because of the functionality of design making the designs standout, but more importantly its meanings that are intended to raise the value of the design and the experience of using them Amron has successfully carried the past into the future and attempted to make it a functional and engaging success.