Juice Boxes: Show Me What You Got

Naoto Fukasawa makes things simple but not easy. Some people call him “without thought”.

How the fruit juice packages will show us that what juice in the package? By some words or image? Naoto Fukasawa makes juice become fruit. He designed the juice boxes package just like the real fruit. The banana juice is in the banana package. It is too simple to explain and detailing it. Look through the image and you will think that Naoto Fukasawa is genius. This is the packages he created for different fruits.

For the fruit juice packaging, I found a similar but different work. That is also good. It is design by a student who called Yunyeen Yong. This packaging is using the fruit as well, but it is the inside look of the fruit. This design getting idea from the sliced fruit, the packaging looks like a piece of fruit.

Look through other works of Naoto Fukasawa. The main element in those designs is simple. The work “Meteo” is Naoto Fukasawa designed for the Italian brand Magis. The “Meteo” is a set of minimal dials to monitor air temperature, pressure and humidity. There is a special stand to display aerometer, thermometer and hygrometer. Those three can be together with the stand and put on a desk, also can be separated and mounted on a wall. The “Meteo” designed with clear grey markings, bright green needle and simple white face.

Naoto Fukasawa was born in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, in 1956. He graduated from Tama Art University in 1980. He was study product design department in art and 3D design in the university. Fukasawa was working for Seiko-Epson Corporation in the design department until 1988. Then, he went to United States in 1989. San Francisco, there is a small office – “ID two”, Fukasawa joined them. This office is the predecessor of “IDEO”. 8 years later, Fukasawa back to Japan. And start to set up “IDEO” studio in Japan. Actually this is a team, which have only eight main designers working and creating the business in Japan. He left “IDEO” in December 2002. Naoto Fukasawa been invited to be the advisory of the “MUJI”, which is the worldwide popular company. In December of 2003 he found the “±0”. “Plusminuszero” is the company, which combined the designing and producing domestic products, from everyday object to electronics. Naoto Fukasawa also makes the product design lectures in the Musashino art university and Tama art university in Tokyo. Naoto Fukasawa has won more than 50 design awards in Europe and America. Other than Japanese projects, there is a range of projects are working with Italian, German and other European companies.