Winnif Pang: Fun and funky

Design can make your life brighter and funnier, Winnif Pang makes a perfect example of it.

Winnif Pang is a Hong Kong-based product designer. He owns a design company Hoobee. Starting as a hobby, designing lifestyle products for home and office became the main income for Winnif. Before establishing his own company he designed electronic components called hi-fis and powerboats. Winninf has realized in the early stage of his career that there is no fun and useful products in the market that would be cheap. The designer already knew he wanted to create iconic designs with a new way of thinking. Winnif believes that there is a child inside everyone and his aim was to provoke that child.  His designs can be found under the brand name Fred. Currently the company designs over a hundred of new designs a year. One of the best selling products is a silicon ice tray with funny designs like guns and chicken eggs.  Winninf designs are being sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The designer always spends a lot of time on research and development of his designs, and about 20% of that time is spent on lab testing. Wannif finds his inspiration in traveling and talking to people, he believes it is the best way to explore and research. Winnif always analyses what and who he sees.

Winnif Pang’s product Cracked Up is designed to make people smile while using this unique colander. Instead of having usual wholes in the surface the designer “cracks” the bowl. This design makes domestic experience more enjoyable and entraining. At the same time, the design of this product works as a marketing tool itself. It attracts the audience, makes them wonder what this object was designed for and how it could be used. When I just seen this object for the first time I did not realize it was a colander. So this product could be bought both with functional and decorative or entertaining intentions. 375465-610x610-1367608598-primary

As already mentioned one of the bestsellers is silicon ice tray shaped as a gun. This design follows the same purposes as the Cracked Up colander. The ice trays are even funnier. This design also transforms a yucky experience into something really funny, at least initially. In addition, chocolate door stop is not less entertaining design that turns a domestic object into something more special and pretty. I imagine walking into a house where these funky objects are hidden everywhere, in the kitchen, the toilet or behind the door. I guess visiting a place like that would become a memorable and  special experience. These types of objects are also wildly used as gifts, which always will keep them ahead in the market.

Details of designs by Winnif Pang, designer and founder of Hoobbe. 22AUG13

Details of designs by Winnif Pang, designer and founder of Hoobbe. 22AUG13

Another design, which I found, uses childish approach to it, although it can provide an entertaining experience to both kids and adults. Couverts Lego is a playful set of cutlery that connect together just as lego toys. It might not be the best idea to give this set to a child as he would start playing with it instead of eating, but again, it is another alternative to the other boring designs for cutlery.z10040225-c498

Lid Sid is another funky and playful design for the kitchen. Lid sid consists of series tools that look like little people in funny positions. Once again it can turn our cooking experiences into something fun and playful. It’s also a very nice decoration for the kitchen. Lid sid is highly functional, it can help you to hold hot surfaces as well as leave some space between the lid and pan to let the steam out.404282-610x610-1368723654-primary

Are you looking for something more solid than that? Have a look at  the Shoe Wheel Silver-Toned. Any type of foot wear can fit in the wheel easily and be stored there. This useful design helps to avoid mess in front of the entrance door as well as to save some space! The design itself as well as the experience of using this object is nice and fun. Your guests will be surprised with your shoe wheel design while your friend will definitely appreciate such a useful and well designed gift.407632-610x610-1369247955-primary

Unlike mentioned designs Monsieur Dressup is an elegant but still a unique coat rack design by Anna Thomas. The idea behind this design is to dress up the wall as you undress yourself. These hooks for clothes can turn hanging clothes on the wall into something more tasteful. The racks themselves can be a nice and elegant decor for a room.monsieur-dressup-collar-wall-hook