Tom Gerhardt: The Designer Who Design The Things Become Nature And Simple

Everything is getting Technological, thinking back, simple may make the world change.

Most of mouse we use now are similar. Mouse has been designed by the different way. But most the designers are thinking about the exterior and the feeling of holding it. Those mouses are fitting for most of people. All the hands are identical, but everyone is distinct as well. Mouse got a lot functions, and the out looking getting Technological.

Sometimes, you may find something completely fits your hand, like stone you found when you go picnic. Tom Gerhardt designed a very special mouse. That can make any stone become a mouse. Tom Gerhardt call it the “Stone Mouse“. Actually, he designed is a base, which is to place the stone. That is fun, to place a stone, but that should not only for place a stone, it can be something else that really fits the hand. The base of the stone mouse is made like a circle thing, and that is a mouse, the stone just make the mouse feel confortable to hold.

Go to Tom Gerhardt’s website, there are some more interesting projects. The “Mud Tub” mixed the mud and controller. All the kids have been play mud until getting dirty, and that was so fun. The “Mud Tub” makes mud become controller, make adult back to childhood, and play the computer games. Can see all the people are happy with the dirty and fun game.

The “Firelight” is my favorite in Tom Gerhardt’s projects. That is connecting the candle and light, the light is controlled by the candle’s flame. When the “Firelight” Candle Module is lit, the “Firelight” lamp immediately turns on, subtly responds to the candle flame’s flickering, and turns off when the candle is blown out. It is brighter than the candle flame but feel more naturally than the normal light. The “Firelight” like an electronic fireplace, and makes house feel like time travelling to the past.

Those projects above are good but not that popular. Tom Gerhardt found the “Studio Neat” with Dan Provost. And the most famous product is the “Glif”. Now, the similar item can find everywhere. The first “Glif” is for iPhone 4, it makes iPhone 4 become more functional. Now the “Glif” is developed become more useful to fit all the different phones.

Those two designers hoped to raise $10,000 through the crowdfunding site “Kickstarter”. But on the first three days they received $70,000, at last, they total contributions roughly $137,000. When they made this inconceivable story. They also bring the Kickstarter into the public consciousness. Before, the Kickstarter could profound effect on the field of industrial design.

Tom Gerhardt is an internationally recognised artist and designer who works across a broad range of disciplines.