David Saldoff- NEWTON™: Picking Fruit

Life in the big city is face-paced, fun and exciting. There are opportunities and activities to occupy your time. However, with the good, also comes the bad. The consistent confrontation with dizzying array of smells, sounds, colours, and people. As well as, the lack of green and open spaces.

Could this intense way of life in the city also be harmful to children? Growing up in large cities among grey landscapes and cement skyscrapers. Taking away positive experience in exploring different ways the earth provides rich resources.

What if you could grow an apple tree? Right inside your living room.

David Saldoff is founder and principle designer of One of Studios, based in Cincinnati. His degrees in both Graphic and Industrial Design, lead him to work at Fitch Design in Columbus, Teams Design in Chicago, and Philips in Pittsburgh (Oneofstudios 2015) .Producing small and limited edition design pieces .


His piece ‘Newton’ (Oneofstudios 2015) , goes back in time to his childhood memories of picking fresh fruit from his parent’s apple tree. Stretching out his arms to the brunches, picking and choosing as he experienced the simple moment . Now, he is working to recreate this experience for everyone, especially to the urban-dwelling kids.


He explains:

“When I was a kid I asked my parents for an apple tree. They, being kind and generous people, obliged my request and, in the early Spring, had a young tree planted in the backyard. I was beyond excited! I imagined myself playing in the backyard and instead of going inside to get a snack I could just run over to my tree and pick an apple. The following Autumn my dream became a reality and the joy of apple picking has been in my life ever since. NEWTON takes the apple picking experience and makes it accessible to everyone by bringing it inside.”  (Derringer 2013) 


This simple apple holder, that you screw directly into the wall and attach a fresh apple by the stem can be picked whenever you feel life it. Although, there no tree to climb. You can screw these metal brackets high enough. As you watch your child jump around, recreating the satisfaction of grabbing that one perfect apple they want. As a result, evoking an emotional interaction with a simple piece of metal, that takes you back in time to where you experienced joy and tranquillity.


The piece itself is delivered in a very industrial form. Instead of replicating his childhood apple tree with brunches and leafs Saldoff has keep the design straight forward and clean. His choices in the bright colours invite the users to play around and enhance the visual appeal of the pale walls in the house.

Furthermore, through this piece we also learn, how a simple product can shake up the way things are done. Challenging the norms of doing things a certain way, because that’s the way it’s always been done. But then again, the normal way of doing things is not the only way. In this case, for people with limited space. The form and functionality of this design, allows the user to shape the social practice of reconnecting with nature or experiencing what they miss as a child. Creating a stronger connotation to what Saldoff wanted to project with this design.

Through David Saldoff’s redesigning of an apple tree. It would be great to expand this concept to other fruits, increasing our desire to eating healthier in an environment surrounded with grey landscapes.