Scott Amron Die Electric

Tradition or alternative? Form or function? All of us have different opinions and preferences. Lets have a look what some designers choose.

New York based designer Scott Amron loves what he does and makes other people love his exiting and creative works too! Scott appreciates qualities in design such as entertainment and excitement. He loves designing but even more than that he loves prototyping. His work strategy consists of aspects such as design, research, engineer and prototype. Scott works for various companies such as OXO, Victoria’s Secret, NASA, MoMA, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Ecco and other companies and advertising agencies.  He is happy to deliver the best advices in terms of industrial design, marketing communications and naming.

Scott can see better experiences, which his clients can not see, and moreover deliver them brand shaping innovations. He offers a unique possibility to redesign objects in a way that they can function better with less exertion. However, as mentioned before his strongest trait is producing high quality prototypes that can show full functionality of the future product.

7270539576_76d74a1967One of Scott’s best designs which has won REDDOT design award and was nominated to be the best concept of the year by the international design magazine is the “Rinser Toothbrush”. This is very clever and entertaining design that allows to rinse you mouth after brushing your teeth with a fountain coming out of the toothbrush. The design has also considered  bristle section replacement so user would not have to spend money on the whole product replacement.

shellScott designed a series of objects called Die Electric that use electrical sockets and plugs but do not require any electrical power. This way, plugs can be now used not only as electricity conductors but also as decorative or carrying objects tools. One of them was designed to form a shelf for light waited objects like a phone or a glass of water. It is a very clever and useful tool that can be carried  everywhere in your handbag. Scott has transformed a conductor of electricity into a conductor of decoration and function without requiring electrical power.ligghff

Candull is another interesting Die Electric design of Scotts, that transforms a lamp into a candle holder. It is a funny solution that combines a modern electrical lamp and an old traditional candle that has been replaced with the introduction of industrial revolution. This design is entertaining and controversial. It does not follow functionality and can only be purchased with entertaining intentions.

2d_pendant_03Another controversial design that combines, and at the same time, refuses traditional form of a celling lamp was designed for the Italian label SKITSCH. The design outlines a simple shape of a chandelier but the light itself doesn’t come out of a lightbulb, it comes out of the lines that shape the lamp. I guess this lamp can not provide as much light as traditional chandelier but this design would definitely attract a viewer by its challenging solution and minimalistic look.13_lampsocketssldphotomichiellandeweerd

Another alternative of using a socket was designed by Lotte Douwes, for her graduation project ‘Kitchen Levels’. She attempted to find a way to provide better experience of using electricity around free standing tables. This creative object which Lotte designed is not only a convenient way of electricity usage but also an attractive piece of interior decoration. Lotte breaks down a common stereotype of unaccessible sockets and lets her user put aside plug adapters with their long entangling cables. Comparing to the other designs listed in the post, this solution follows function. However, along with the others, it breaks the way we are used to use objects.


David Okum has designed a versatile floor lamp named Wald Lamp for Feltmark. This lamp does not have any extra decorations. It is just a stick which holds the lamp itself. The stick comes straight out of electrical socket. It is quite long so low plugs would not be a challenge for Wald Lamp. This design as well as previously mentioned ones cleverly approaches electrical sockets. David creates harmony of form and function relying on traditional craftsmanship.