Function and beauty


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Cabbage Bowls

Yasuhiro Suzuki

“It is true that sometimes the inspiration comes from the function, it also comes from the process of solving actual problems.”

What is this object when people first see it? When I first saw it, I thought it is a cabbage. The shape , the texture and the size are the evidences to improve this. However, the normal cabbage is green. So this is not the real one. Actually this is a design object by Yasuhiro Suzuki.

Yasuhiro Suzuki is an artist who was born in Shizuoka Japan. He graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2001. He joined the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology The University of Tokyo in 2002. Yasuhiro Suzuki is interested in the “blink”. In his opinion, a lot of things are missed in the blinking moment. Although people think they saw them, they didn’t care about that. Yasuhiro Suzuki tried to use his own way that can find the things missed by people in this moment, and catch them.  He wanted to exaggerate these and represent them to the viewers through the art. This a new way to recognize this world, to feel the world and to discover the unknown things. Moreover, He has a lot of design objects contain Up/DownPerspective of Globe JungleBlinking Leaves.

The cabbage bowls is one of the most interesting design objects from Yasuhiro Suzuki. It has the appearance of the normal cabbage and composes a lot of cabbage leaves. These leaves have the size from big to small. The material of the bowls are the white clay with the silica gel-synthetic technique. The cabbage bowls look beautiful because of the appearance. Each cabbage leaf has a vivid and reality lines and texture. However, the cabbage is not only to view, it is very useful on two aspects: It reduces the space of storage, and it has variety shapes and different sizes of bowls. It means this design object combines both the function and beauty. The client’s functional program is seen not as an impediment to artful design, but as a source of design inspiration (Lewis, 2011). To satisfy the needs of the people, the bowl has many sizes, they can be feed in different food. However, more bowls means more space to be used. To solve this problem, the cabbage bowl is created. It is true that sometimes the inspiration comes from the function, it also comes from the process of solving actual problems. After inspiration coming, formal similarity is beed used to redesign the bowl. The cabbage is a suitable idea for redesigning the bowl.

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Desk Egg

Cheng-Tsung Feng

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Cracked Up

Winnif Pang

There are some objects which have the similar idea and inspiration to the cabbage bowl. One of them is the desk egg, Another one calls cracked up. The desk egg is a egg which has a magnet inside the body. It can electrostatic the clips around it. It is a convenient and useful design as the office supply. The objects look like a nest. Furthermore, another design is a basin which can hold the fruit. It can be used to wash the fruit under the tap cause the water will flow away through the crevice. The crevice give the designer an idea of broken porcelain. The finished design looks like a broken basin. These two design both combine the function and beauty, and the inspiration comes from the actual problem. They also use formal similarity on their appearance.

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Grace Handcock

This design object is different to the cabbage bowl. Grace Hancock’s Fidgets are a series of five tools for therapeutic stress and anxiety relief. Each named according to their function, the faceted, palm-sized objects can be retrieved at times of needs to harness the calming powers of tactility (website, 2012). The fidgets are more focus on the feeling and mental part. The sense of human is the inspiration for this redesign object. The function is to make the people feel relax and peaceful. The appearance is a natural stone which relates to the function. This is not a actual function which can be used in the real life. It is more romantic and more visional. People may feel the inspirit power when touch it.

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Shuhei Hasado

Another different design comparing with the cabbage bowl can be the Geta. It encourages the viewer to have more thoughts about the relationship between nature and human. It is not romantic but make the viewer has many reflections. In a way, I believe that the Geta also challenges the norms and the ratchet effect, by allowing us to feel again—although in a different way—how it is to walk barefoot experiencing diverse environment (How, 2015).

Function and beauty can be designed in many ways like the reality, the emotion and the reason. These can be different styles, designed by different kinds of designers. However, the same purpose is to redesign the ordinary object to new object that is interesting, attractive and thoughtful.