Back to Nature

Technology makes our life convenience. But that is base on nature. So, when you look back to nature, it may bring the surprise to you.

The “Straw Straw” design is the winner of the Muji’s third annual International Design Competition. The designer of this work is Yuki Iida. The “Straw Straw” product seems like it is too simple that we can see it around our life, it is also makes people feeling amazing about this, it is made by straw. That is the reason the designer named this product “Straw Straw”. Competition’s judge Jasper Morrison went so far as to point out that like all the best ideas, Iida’s design is ‘obvious to the point of stupidity’.minimalissimo.com_straw01 minimalissimo.com_straw02 minimalissimo.com_straw03

Actually, straw is come from the straw, which is the part of cereal. That is the original idea, and now is made by plastic or paper. But the “Straw Straw” use the straw to make straw, just shows the different way of thinking. This idea is going back to how the idea starts. From this product, can find out the ideas can be transfer from the start to the end, and also can be transfer back, just like the two ways road, make a U turn or reward, may find out some more interesting things.

Yuki Iida was born in Shizuoka in 1982. And Yuki was study industrial design in Musashino Art, graduated in 2005. Then Yuki have worked in a design department of electronics manufacturer for few years. Then, Yuki founded the Lala Lab design studio in 2010.

Yuki has received many rewards, the most famous one is the above one, the Muji’s. I have research some of Yuki’s work from the Lala Lab website. And the work I very interest in is the “Fire”. It is using lighting sticks to make, when put few of them together, will look like firewood. Actually, the sticks are design for the portable torches. This work also is designed from what it was, and looks back what it from, then base on that to design something for now.w-fire02 w-fire03

Yuki’s works are very different than others. Because of his thinking is so different. His idea is really like redesign the whole product from the beginning.

The inspiration of those two designs I have mentioned above is coming from the nature things. We should spend more time and vim on this field to closer to the nature and that will help the designer create the very special idea.