Simply have a fresher apple – Newton by David Saldoff

The industrial designer David Saldoff has introduced a simple yet inventive way of eating an apple fresher. The ‘NEWTON™: Picking Fruit’ provides an enjoyable experience of apple picking indoor which is totally different from storing it in a fridge drawer or a mundane fruit bowl.

IMG_2944 IMG_2968 IMG_3129 IMG_3272

 ↑ David Saldoff’s NEWTON apple holder

After completing a degree in both Graphic design at American Univeristy and Industrial design at University of Cincinnati, Saldoff has been a founder of ‘One of Stuidos’ for 5 years ( His ultimate goal is “to deliver small run or limited edition design pieces to the public” and he has shown a number of designs that reflect this goal with a lot of potential. He has been continuously explored humour or metaphor, especially through the kitchenware designs such as ‘Simply Disturbing: tea set’ which its idea originated from the behaviour of people leaving their kettle on the stove even when they do not use it, or ‘Dirty Dishes’ which is inspired by common phrases such as ‘lick your plate clean’. Saldoff closely observes the relationship between a particular object and people’s habit and action around that object, which also relates to the concept of the ‘Newton’ apple holder.

In the description of ‘Newton’ apple holder, Saldoff tells his childhood story that other people may also relate to.

When I was a kid I asked my parents for an apple tree. They, being kind and generous people, obliged my request and, in the early Spring, had a young tree planted in the backyard. I was beyond excited! I imagined myself playing in the backyard and instead of going inside to get a snack I could just run over to my tree and pick an apple. The following Autumn my dream became a reality and the joy of apple picking has been in my life ever since. NEWTON takes the apple picking experience and makes it accessible to everyone by bringing it inside.

Saldoff’s story tells that there is something engaging and exciting about the action of picking an apple. As Saldoff said, being able to fill one’s stomach with a freshly picked apple anytime has a sense of freedom and satisfaction. These days people are mostly accessed to fruit in a supermarket which is considered as ‘product’ rather than a produce from the nature. However Saldoff’s simple creation allows people to experience the moment of nature offering a fresh produce.

Home, the website that reviews furniture and home decors says that ‘Newton’ apple holder “re-creates the ‘simple pleasures’ of apple picking from the comfort of your kitchen, pantry or even living room”. As the website says ‘simple’ pleasure, Saldoff hit the mark by minimalising the structure of apple hanging on a tree. Instead of mimicking the form of tree or branches Saldoff kept the design easy, clean and sophisticated by laser cutting on the cantilevered metal. The apple stalks are hold in the sharp end of triangle which takes no effort, and the four screws in the wall allows anyone to safely pick their apples, including the children.  The website also praises Saldoff’s design by describing it as “a novel decor arrangement”.  A real fruit hanging off the wall will certainly be a unique and contemporary replacement of a still life painting.

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↑ Umut Demirel’s ‘Newton’ apple holder

Colabufalo-EVA day-of-design-1-27911-4-600px

↑ Simon Colabufalo’s ‘Eva’ fruit holder 

Oddly enough Saldoff was not the only designer who titled his apple holder ‘Newton’. Turkish industrial designer Umut Demirel has also created the apple holder called ‘Newton’ which is inspired by Newton’s law of gravitation. Demirel’s ‘Newton’ is a partially open stainless steel tube that not only stores apple but other fruits and vegetables, and they drop as you take one out from the bottom. Another designer Simon Colabufalo based in Melbourne has created the ‘Eva’ fruit holding tree which shares a very similar concept, but very different in aesthetics. This polished aluminium mini tree is an enlightening piece of ornament that holds fruits in the little gap at the end of branches.

As our surroundings become more industrialised we are more used to the grey cityscape and the smell of smogs. However ideas like Saldoff’s Newton apple holder is a clever fusion of nature and contemporary design. It is not only functional and user-friendly, but also brings the users into their imaginative garden, and makes them feel like they are sitting under a big apple tree on a sunny day, just like Newton and Saldoff did.

In (Tony) Lee