Delicious design

Recognizing the need is a native aspect of design. When designing packaging for food, the solution might become tricky, as a design needs to show what the product tastes like. The two different senses start playing one game.

Naoto Fukasawa is a Japan based designer, writer, teacher and lecturer. He has established his own design bureau Naoto Fukasawa Design and his own brand ±0 which produces domestic objects, electronic and accessories which were developed with the companies such as Takara Co. Ltd. and Diamond Corporation. Naoto was rewarded with an iF Gold Award for the design of CD player for MOJI. In 2009 Fukasawa was claimed 1 out of 8 the most successful and original designers by Forbs reviewers. Naoto Fucasawa politics are unique. He seeks for meanings that already exist. He creates object which are set in human’s imagination as something useful and necessary. He claims he doesn’t create anything new, he just takes ideas out of people’s heads and turn subconscious desires into reality.


The most famous Naoto’s design can be called MOJI CD player. It was initially created in 1999 for the design research Without Thought. This CD player imitates a wall attached fan where the spinning disc can be seen. The speaker is inserted into the body, the cover is absent at all. The cable with the switch button is hanging down to the wall. To turn on the music you only need to pull it down once, like using a lamp. In 2005 the New York museum included this design in its temporary collection.

Infobar-A03-smartphone-for-AU-KDDI-by-Naoto-Fukasawa_B_dezeen_468_0Another great design created in 2001 by Naoto is Infobar. As Fukasawa mentioned the infobar is a device which is meant to satisfy controversial desires. It had to be not only a communication device but also a new distinctive feature of its holder. Infobar has later been redesigned several times for mobile phone producer Iida and Kddi.


In 2004 Naoto Fukasawa designed a series package for fruit juice for the Haptic Exhibition. This unique and memorable package design represents skin of the fruit of which juice it contains. This playful design allows to the view quickly understand what’s inside the box as well as creates a feeling of fresh, juicy and tasty fruits which make you want to drink the juice. This design borrows the idea of plastic food simulations for Japanese restaurants which always designed in a way that you start wanting to eat it due to the delicious look of it.


Preston Grubb11_Juice-Juices has design packaging for juice using similar concepts. His design also repeats the look of the fruit, orange. However, this design does not just represent the look of the fruit on the outside but keeps it even inside. It also has a shape of the fruit. This design has even more similarities with the actual object. However, the look of it on the outside is less obvious and less “delicious”. If comparing these two designs, the packaging designed by Naoto attracts the viewer to buy the juice and drink it through the attractive juicy look of the fruit. Whereas, the Preston’s design is more playful. As Preston claims himself he wanted to design a more exiting packaging which would provide a playful experience.

naked-beer-potw-01The other interesting design I found “Naked Beer” is done by Timur Salikhov, a Russian designer. Timur believes good beer should be shown. He also aimed to keep his design unique on beer packaging market. This design would definitely attract the eye of the audience, it stands out among the rest of the beers. Timur’s design follows similar thinking as Naoto’s, it is meant to attract audience by its tasty, fresh and  attractive look.


This packaging of honey jars by AH & OH Studio gives an understanding of the product that the packaging contains as well
as the previously mentioned designs. However, instead of telling the audience what the product is, by representing it in shape or color, this design starts it’s story from production. The jars have black lines around them which reminds the audience of bees. Although, if we did not see the whole set of the packaging and the logo it would be hard to recognize bee’s feature. Nevertheless, altogether the packaging with the logo create a harmonic combination of clear design.